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Reduced & Deleted Syllabus 2020-21


 1st STD to 12th STD All Subject Kalvi TV Video Class

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Class 1 to 12 Important Study Materials

 All Important Study Materials

Class 1 to 12 

New Important Study Materials 

Class 1 to 12 All Important Study Materials, Class 1 to 7th Important Study Materials, Term 1, Term 2, Term 3 Important Study Materials, 8th Full Term Text Book, 8th Full Term Materials, 9th All Subject Important Materials, 11th Important Study Materials, 10th and 12th New Revised Portion and Deleted Portion, New Reduced Guide, 10th and 12th Important Study Materials. 10th All Subject Materials, 12th All Subject Materials, 10th Science Materials, 12th Physics Important Study Materials. 
12th Study Materials 

Class 1 to 12 Important Study Materials 


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